With hotter days bearing down upon us (equatorial sunshine is real), we’re reaching for dry shampoos to extend washes and blowouts.

Dry shampoo keeps your hair fresh without suffering from the drying effects of daily hair washing. We’ve gathered a list of 7 trusty dry shampoos available for your de-greasing needs without breaking the bank.


For those who trust in the drugstore


Pros: Batiste’s no-frills dry shampoo comes in a pressurised container, allowing you to spray it directly on your roots without getting your hands grimy.

Cons: The traditional formula makes overly-powdered hair an imminent danger.

Usage: Spray directly on your roots, keeping the nozzle 30 cm from hair. Massage with your fingertips, then brush hair & style as usual.

Get Batiste Original Dry Shampoo at Watsons for $3.90 (50ml)


For the quick salon blowout


If the lack of volume in your hair bothers you, John Frieda has a solution with its dry shampoo spray.

Pros: Aerosolised fine powder creates small air spaces at your roots to lift and separate strands of hair to mimic a blowout.

Cons: Volume only holds for a day.

Usage: Spray on roots in the morning for a day of salon-worthy hair.

Get John Frieda Luxurious Volume Dry Shampoo at Guardian for $15.90 (150ml)


For on-the-go application



These large powder-free swabs are soaked with menthol-tinged goodness for easy application.

These swabs are multipurpose – the folligen removes dandruff, sebum and impurities, other than relieving itch.

Cons: The time you might require to swab your entire scalp.

Usage: Swab your scalp in sections, focusing on extra greasy parts, for mess-free relief.

Get Dr.FORHAIR Powder-free Dry Shampoo-alike Folligen Swabs at JustNile for $19.90 (6ml x 10pcs)


For the bouffant enthusiast


Pros: Toni & Guy’s dry shampoo promises you texture, allowing you to backcomb your second-day hair for luscious body.

Cons: Use sparingly to avoid grungy, powder-saturated hair.

Usage: Apply to roots of dry hair and scrunch with fingers for body and matt style.

Get Toni & Guy Texture Dry Shampoo at Watsons for $15.90 (147g)


For scalp-soothing:


French drugstore favourite Klorane is here for your scalp with a line up of dry shampoos laced with a gentle scent of cleanliness.

Pros: The oat milk in the formulation soothes itchy scalps while corn and rice starches absorb excess sebum.

Cons: If you do not brush thoroughly enough, your hair may experience white powder streaks that don’t look très chic.

Usage: Shake and spray on roots before brushing out the powder

Get Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk at Guardian for $14.60 (150ml)


For when your hair is plastered to your forehead


Pros: Oscar Blandi’s loose powder in a bottle allows you to pile on the dry shampoo without keeping your finger on a spray can for minutes.

Cons: May result in white streaks if powder if not distributed evenly.

Usage: Shake a generous amount on your crown to wake up to fluffy, nourished hair.

Get Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder travel size at Sephora for $19.00 (28g)


For colour-treated hair


Hask understands that your colour-treated hair deserves special treatment.

Pros: The Kalahari Oil dry shampoo comes with Color Shield Complex A UV absorber to maintain the vibrancy of your mane.

Cons: The strong melon scent might throw you off

Usage: Spray on roots of coloured hair

Get Hask Kalahari Oil Dry Shampoo at Guardian for $19.90


Main Photo Credit:  http://www.cleo.com.sg/beauty/dry-shampoo-bad-your-hair/

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