In our previous article Step-by-step tutorial on How to Shop at Taobao >>> we got quite a few questions asking how Global Consolidation and Shipping actually works. So, we decided to do a Part 2 continuation to our Step-By-Step Taobao Tutorial specifically to address your question !

Previously in part 1, we used Global Direct Shipping to ship our item. Now, we’ve chosen another alternative, Global Consolidation and Shipping to illustrate the process. We recommend this if you are buying 2 or more items from Taobao.

To illustrate the Global Consolidating and Shipping process in this article, we bought a total of 2 items.

Do read Part 1 of our Step-by-step tutorial on How to Shop at Taobao >>  for a clearer idea before you read this article.

1. Order Details

First, choose the item that you wish to purchase. You can either a) buy all the products that you want from different shop vendors in one go, or alternatively b) pay for one item first, continue to shop, and pay for the other items you want at a later date.

For both scenarios, you will still be able to consolidate your parcels for shipping to your destination address. (Do make sure to not take more than 20 days to do so, as you will be charged storage fees after 20 days !) 



2. Choosing your preferred shipping method


Parcel forwarding charges are as shown and will be charged separately after it has reached the warehouse. You would then have to pay a second payment after consolidation.

We chose 4PX, one of the options under “Global Consolidate and Shipping”, as it has the highest service rating of 94.55%. They have also collaborated with our local courier Singpost and POPStation to ensure that you will receive your parcel on time.

If you’re planning to continue shopping and to buy more items later on, make sure to choose the “Global Consolidate and Shipping” option and to choose the same courier company each time to be able to consolidate your different purchases.

You will see later on in Step 4 – Shipping & Consolidation on how you will be able to receive timely updates on your parcel(s).


3. Making the first payment

First payment: Product cost + Domestic shipping fee (to warehouse)

Enter your credit card details and click confirm payment. This payment phase is for your product + domestic shipping fees to the China consolidation warehouse.




4. Consolidation & Shipping

You can log into your Taobao account to check on the status of your parcels. Here you can see that the warehouse is still waiting for the goods to arrive.



Once the parcels have arrived at the warehouse, the status will then change to “warehouse has received the goods”:




You will be prompted with this text message above sent by 4PX. Depending on how many items you’ve ordered, they will send you text messages when your Taobao order has arrived at the warehouse. Since we ordered two items, we waited for both items to reach the warehouse before paying for the shipping costs.


5. Making the second payment

Once all the parcels you wish to consolidate has arrived at the warehouse, click on “Click here to consolidate items”




Second payment: International shipping fee (from China to overseas destination address)

*This fee will be paid directly to the courier company that you’ve chosen i.e 4PX


Once you’ve clicked on the “Consolidate Items” button, the warehouse will consolidate, repackage and calculate the final shipping price. You will then be prompted to make the second payment.

Click the button and complete your order for parcel forwarding and you would be able to receive your products within 3-6 working days.


6. Receiving your parcel (doorstep delivery)


Singpost will also notify you on the day where your parcel will be delivered to you via text message as well. This is to ensure that you have someone or yourself to acknowledge the receipt.



True enough, we received our parcel at around 1pm!


We hope we cleared most of your Taobao doubts and queries! However, should you have any other questions that our post didn’t cover, feel free to drop us a comment below. Alternatively, you can check out our Part 1 article The Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Shop on Taobao >>> for other information!

Happy shopping! 🙂




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  1. Hi there, i’m shopping for the first time in taobao and realise that i’ve to pay shipping fee on the second payment ?
    Can i know if i make 3 different orders (making payment for 3 times) will the shipping company still consolidate all my orders tgt?

    • Tiffany Wong on

      Hi Nix,
      I suppose you chose global consolidation? Please refer to item 5! You will have to click the ‘consolidation your items’ button when they have all arrived at the warehouse. They will also inform you how much you have to pay in total for the second payment. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Hey thanks for the clear instructions. I’ve a question. If i wanna ship a few bulky items to SG, what will be the most economical shipping method? Am i right to say that the global consolidate method is only useful for small items as it uses air shipment instead of ship?

    Thanks alot.

    • Hi Herls, thanks for writing in! If they’re really bulky items e.g. sofa, the most economical way would be to use Taobao agents such as SG Shop or Oops.

      You can refer to our comparison of Taobao agent rates for small vs bulky items here >> 65daigou, Peeka or Oops – which Taobao agent has the best rates?

      For the Global Consolidate Method, it depends on whether the vendor offers that option – which you will only find out once you reach the Checkout page. But yes, in general they offer it for smaller items not bulky items. Hence, you can use a Taobao agent to help you out. Hope that helps !

  3. Hi, how do you track your parcel after you have made the 2nd payment to 4PX?


    • Hi Shermaine, thanks for writing in. You’ll be able to track your parcel via logging into to your Taobao account. On the day of your delivery in Singapore, you will get an SMS notification from Speedpost. Hope that helps !

  4. Hi,

    I bought a few items together and chose the delivery via forwarder’s method. However, a couple of days later when I made another purchase, I chose to ship directly to Singapore instead of via a forwarder. I have already talked to the shop owners and they have changed the address to the forwarder’s address. Will i still be able to choose the consolidate shipping method and shipped both orders together? Thanks!

    • Hi Lihui !

      Thanks for writing in ! Very sorry for the delay. Just to sum up – do you mean you initially chose direct shipping to SG for one of the items, but now you wish for it to be consolidated and sent via a forwarder along with other items? If yes, and you’re using Global Consolidate shipping, I think you would need to contact your vendor to get them to indicate in the Taobao system that it is now a “Global Consolidate” order, or get further instructions from them on what to do. Once you have received all items in the warehouse, then you can click which parcels to consolidate in the system, make the second payment, and have them all delivered in a single parcel.

      Alright, please do keep us updated on your parcel and what you experienced. I’m sure other readers would find it very helpful to learn from you what to do in this situation. Thanks, Lihui ! All the best !

  5. Hi Pingnshop,

    I think i can share my experience to everyone too . recently bought something over the size exceeded the total volume dimension.

    I choose direct taobao shipping option, and the warehouse rejected to sign for the goods and leave the items hanging.


    This point of time seller will not contact you nor the taobao agent will contact you.

    You have to tell the seller to refund / return goods due to the sizing limitation of the package that you bought, at this point when the seller agreed to refund/return goods, they will appoint a forwarder on the return request, you have to choose the forwarder’s company name appointed by them and follow by a delivery code.

    From there, taobao warehouse will engage your seller’s appointed forwarder back to the seller’s shop. then only you will get refund.

    Not forgetting that you have “Taobao direct international shipping fee” this is not part of your seller’s refund portion.

    if you look into your ALIpay account, you will see a refund button for the taobao direct international shipping fee.

    When you click it, it will bring you back to taobao page, which is quite retarded. at this point of time you need to contact the taobao international shipping using ALI WANG WANG chatting software. telling them your refund/return request of the goods had been approved by the seller and the the goods have returned to the seller already.

    Then only they will refund you manually 6 to 10 working days, if you are using credit card to pay they will not refund to your credit card, the refund of the shipping fee will be only refunded to your alipay account and reflected as a positive balance $$, note: there is not button for you to click for refund of international direct shipping fee. have to do it manually.

    The balance $$ in your alipay account can be offset with your new purchase item. for example your shipping fee refund was 80 dollars. the new item cost that you are going to purchase cost you 180. the system will be smart enough saying that you have balance in alipay, do you want to off set? . at the end of transaction, you will only need to pay 100, because 80 dollars is in your alipay account already.

    I been thru this tough time experience with Taobao, size too big to ship, ship to VPost warehouse in china and item went missing after deliver to the appointed international shipping warehouse. times like the seller said the courier already delivery to the VPOST china warehouse, and VPOST claims that they never received it at all. And we dont know whose speaking the truth… all you know that is your packaging is missing and people dont give a damn.

    Was hoping if Taobao could improved their software in detecting seller’s packaging size and determine if your country can ship via taobao direct international shipping program. otherwise you will be pulling your hair trying to ask the seller, and sometimes seller gave you the wrong dimension and cause your package got rejected by warehouse due to the large sizing that exceeded the rules.


    • Wow Ray, that sounds like a harrowing, painstaking experience ! Thanks so much for writing such a detailed post on this. Really hope that other readers take note of this:-

      i.e Please check the dimensions or size of your parcel before selecting “Taobao Direct Shipping”. Although the option is available, your may still get rejected & stuck at the International Forwarding warehouse.

      Ray, may we ask – what did you do in those instance where VPost claimed they never received it in their warehouse at all? Did you managed to get a resolution in the end? Would you still use VPost again, or other forwarders? Thanks very much for the info, Ray – its very helpful!

    • I’m in the same situation where I had an item rejected because it was oversized. The refund on the item has already been completed, but how do I contact taobao international shipping using Ali Wang Wang? All my attempts at contacting customer service leads me to an automated service only.

      • Hi i have a faced with an similar situation.. usually they just asked you to topped up the different.. if you willing to pay there will be no issues on their end too…

  6. At step 3, making 1st credit card payment. Credit card billing info, i didnt click 1st option, i click new address and written my house address. What will happen?

    • Hi Jessy, we’re so sorry for the delay but we hope your purchase was transacted smoothly! To the best of our knowledge, it will be billed to the new address you’ve entered i.e. your house address. Hope this helps!

  7. Hi pingnshop, I would like to find out the overall amount required including the cost of items, local shipping cost to local warehouse, as well all the international shipping cost to SG, before I decide if I want to purchase item. Is this possible and how to do it?

  8. Hi Ping! Need your help! Just purchased some stuff and chose 4px to consolidate. However I can’t find the 合并 page on Web but only found the 支付转运费 option. Isit the same as consolidating if I ticked all and 支付?

  9. Hello! I recently bought two items for a costume: a sword and the costume itself. The sword has been in the warehouse for around 26 days, and the costume says its in the warehouse yet the warehouse says “等待仓库签收” which I have been understanding as meaning that the warehouse itself has not confirmed it has it?

    If you have the time, could you describe what this means?

  10. Some of the seller does not have options for direct shipping or global consolidate shipping. The only option is to contact seller for shipping. What can I do?
    I heard there is setting that can arrange everything you buy to global consolidate shipping automatically. Anyone here knows how to do it? Thanks.

    • Hi Ray! Sorry for the delay in reply. We don’t think it’s possible for you to use the global consolidate shipping for sellers that don’t have that option. You could try using a third party such as ezbuy for that! Let us know how it goes 🙂

  11. Hi, one of my items got rejected during consolidation, any idea how to request refund? The seller asked me to arrange with consolidator

    • Hi! You should arrange with the consolidator as recommended by the seller. Some items may not be able to ship overseas via air due to restrictions.

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