We’re less than one month down to Christmas! Hooray! ūüėÄ

“It’s all about giving, not receiving.”

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or playing the Secret Santa game, it’s better¬†to start your Christmas shopping early.¬†Shopping last minute isn’t a great idea, especially if everyone is scuffling and grabbing the same few items. Last minute shopping also means crowded and messy departmental stores, out-of-stock items etc….and what if you STILL can’t find anything to buy?

So start your Christmas shopping now! We have compiled 20 random, yet useful Christmas gifts below.

Note: The $20 budget is inclusive of product cost + delivery fees.

1. Wine Accessories Gift Set

This is an excellent and unique gift concealed beautifully within a wine bottle casing – the perfect gift for family members, relatives, friends or boss who love wine. The right wine accessories is definitely a must-have for all wine enthusiasts!


Price: S$17.90

Delivery fee: S$3.99 for Qxpress    OR     FREE for store pickup


2. Xiao Mi Power Bank **recommended**

Have that one friend who is constantly looking for charging ports, asking around for portable chargers or is unreachable because their battery is always flat? The Xiao Mi power bank is the solution for them!


Price: S$15.98 

Delivery fee: S$4.45 for Qxpress    OR   FREE for store pick up

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3. Passport Holder

Find your passport quickly among your travel items with these brightly-coloured passport holder. Available in unique, cheery colours, your passport will easily be identifiable.


Price: S$9.90

Delivery fee: free for normal mail    OR    S$3.00 for Qxpress

4. Fruit Water Bottle

Drinking fruit-infused water is known to reap many health benefits. In case you didn’t know, lemon-infused water aids digestion and helps to lose weight! This fruit water bottle is a great choice for all health-conscious individuals.


Price: S$4.80

Delivery fee: S$1.59 for normal mail    OR     S$3.99 for Qxpress

 5. Portable Waterproof Shower Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Know someone who loves singing or music? The shower has the best acoustics for singing. Gift your friend the perfect gift – a waterproof bluetooth speaker. They can now listen to their favourite tunes and sing their hearts out in the shower without fear of spoiling their mobile phones / speakers.


Waterproof bluetooth Speaker for shower

Waterproof bluetooth Speaker for shower

Price: S$10.90

Delivery fee: FREE for Qxpress

6. Electric Massage Pillow **recommended**

Travellers, office employees who work long hours in front of the computer screen, or basically anyone who constantly experiences neck ache, this Electric Massage Pillow will be a heaven-sent present for them.


Price: S$16.90 

Delivery fee: FREE for store pick up

7. Personalised Everlasting Green Deco

Thinking of ways to add a little soothing ambience to your stressful study or work desk? Get creative with these personalised deco greens.


Price: S$3.90

Delivery fee: S$3.99 for Qxpress



8. SanDisk Ultra Dual 16GB USB Drive

Always running out of memory space on your phone? This uber-practical dual USB drive allows you to transfer files quickly and easily between your mobile phone/tablet and your computer. You can even store them first on your USB drive before transferring it to your PC.

Small, compact and handy, they’re versatile and useful. You can even use them as a bootable USB drive to relaunch Windows XP whenever you run into PC trouble.


Price: S$9.90

Delivery fee: S$4.90  for Qxpress    OR     FREE for store pickup

9. 4 Port USB Wall cum Travel Charger with EU/AU/US/UK Plug 

A basic essential for all travellers.¬†Charging up to 4 devices, this port ensures that all your gadgets are fully charged for your day’s adventure.


Price: S$13.39 (varies) 

Delivery fee: S$1.12 for Singpost    OR   S$4.50 for Qexpress

10. Smart Digital Alarm Clock

Need a backup to your smartphone alarm clock? This all-in-one smart alarm clock will never fail you as it does not only have a loud alarm, a snooze button, night light function, day and date, but also gauges the surrounding temperature. It comes in a variety of colourful cheery colours.


Price: S$5.90

Delivery fee: S$1.15 for normal mail    OR    S$4.00 for Qxpress

11. Self-Stirring Mug

This novelty piece lets you avoid having a cumbersome spoon in your mug while you drink, plus gives you one less piece of washing up to do. With its lovely rounded size, this self-stirring mug adds a creative, convenient twist to your everyday mug.


Price: S$5.80

Delivery fee: S$1.70 for normal mail   OR    S$3.99 for Qxpress



12. Elephant Handphone Stand

Cute and functional at the same time, prop up your mobile phone on these elephant stands. They’re perfect for letting you watch movies, video calls or other useful purposes.


Price: S$1.80

Delivery fee: S$ 1.20 for normal mail   OR    S$4.50 for Qxpress


13. Socks

Show off your Christmas spirit even on your feet! Though socks may not be the most exciting idea, they definitely are something everyone needs. These adorable Christmas socks will have you smile with every step.



Socks christmas gift ideas 2015

Price: S$1.50 – 4 (varies)

Delivery fee: S$0.70 via Singpost

14. Dashu Hair Wax

A superb gift for men, the pomade Dashu hair wax steadily styles up hair to look all charismatic and charming effortlessly!


Price: S$15.99 

Delivery fee: FREE for registered mail (SRE)  OR  S$20 for EMS


15. Cuff links

Step up a notch to look all suave and classy with cuff links. With their unique designs, these are not only functional but lets you show the wearer show off their personality as well.


Price: S$4.90 Р8 (varies) 

Delivery fee: S$1 for Singpost    OR   S$3.90 for Qexpress


16. Jewellery

An elegant piece of jewellery can light an entire outfit up. Glam up your girlfriend’s, mom’s or sister’s outfit-of-the-day with some¬†of these beautiful pieces.


Price: S$14.90

Delivery fee: free for normal mail    OR    S$2.99 for Qxpress 



17. Hello Kitty Kitchenware

Hear their squeals when they unwrap this. For that Hello Kitty fanatic, this Hello Kitty Kitchenware will get them all excited!


Price: S$4.99

Delivery fee: S$3.99 for Qxpress


18. Detox Tea

Not implying that¬†they need to lose weight but this lemon detox tea is highly raved and is Hollywood’s number 1 diet detox tea. Get it for your that friend who is all about looking for the easy way to loose weight!


Price: S$12.80

Delivery fee: FREE for Qexpress

19. Drink Cup Holder

The fear of accidentally knocking your cup and spilling your drink over your pile of notes is over! Perfect for late night muggers and clumsy hands, this drink cup holder can be fixed at the side of your table securely.


Price: S$ 3.90

Delivery fee: S$0.60 for normal mail   OR     S$3.55 for registered mail 

20. Coin Pouch

Coin pouches come in handy for the quick lunch at work where you don’t carry your handbag out. Great for tossing loose change, dig no more for the coins lying at the bottom of your bag as they can be kept in these adorable coin pouches.


Price: S$3.60

Delivery fee: S$1.50 for normal mail     OR     S$4.50 for Qxpress 


Our suggestions: 

Our items fall below your Secret Santa budget? Feel free to buy several presents to make up the $20 budget or whatever budget your Christmas party set.

Still unsure of what to get? Let’s try and help!

If you’re buying for a female friend, we suggest the jewellery, fruit waterbottle, coin pouch and hello kitty bowl set.

If you’re buying for a male friend, we suggest the dashu hair wax, cuff links and wine accessories gift set.

However, there are also many unisex items in our list such as the self-stirring mug, digital alarm clock, drink cup holder, passport holder, handphone stand, waterproof speaker, socks, personalised everlasting green deco, 4 port travel charger, Xiao Mi power bank, electric massage pillow and detox tea.

Our personal favourites: Xiao Mi power bank and Electric Massage Pillow. We feel that this is extremely practical and can even become your daily necessity!

Do you have any other great finds for under $20 that’ll be the perfect gift? Do share with us your finds !


Shop away! But before that,

Merry Christmas to you from pingNshop!


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