Calling out to all Amazon shoppers!

In case you didn’t know, Amazon offers free shipping to Singapore if you have at least USD 125 worth of eligible products* in your shopping cart!

However, sometimes the item we want to buy from Amazon is way cheaper than USD 125, and we can’t think of what to chuck in to our cart that’s both something we actually need, and is also cheaper than in Singapore.

So, to make things convenient for you, we’ve come up with a quick, no-brainer list of 10 items that would be both useful and cheaper to buy and stock up from Amazon compared to Singapore.


amazonz*Which Amazon products are eligible? To find eligible products: 1. Sign into your Amazon account, and set your location to Singapore. 2. Type into search bar the item you’re looking for. 3. Next, at the left side bar of the page, select ‘Ship to Singapore’ and ‘Free International Shipping’ as illustrated (below). The eligible products will be shown.

This article is based on the current conversion rate of USD 1 : SGD 1.38


1. Ink Cartridges 

canon ink

Canon CL-41 Color FINE Ink Cartridge

Price: $20.08 = SGD 27.76


Canon PG-40 Black Ink Cartridge

Price: $17.54 = SGD 24.24

Having to replace printer ink cartridges can be a costly chore each time your printer runs out of ink. Total Price: SGD 52 for both on Amazon  vs.  SGD 63.90++ for both on Canon Singapore website. (About SGD 12 cheaper)

On Amazon, you’d be able to get genuine ink at a reasonable and significantly lower price. Instead of running down to stores hastily each time you realise your printer runs out of ink, keep some refills at home. You’ll definitely need them one day so this a useful, no-brainer purchase.

2. Make-up Remover Wipes

makeup remover wipes things to buy to qualify for amazon free shipping

Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil-free Makeup Removers Wipes, 25-Count (Pack of 6)

Price: $29.82 = SGD 41.29 (Pack of 6 i.e. SGD 6.88 each)

For every female that uses makeup, these make-up remover wipes are a useful item to pick up in your next Amazon purchase.

Make-up remover wipes or cleansing towelettes are actually designed to ensure all traces of your make-up are removed, down to every pore. Normal cleansers may still leave make-up residue and are not as thorough as you think they are, and may cause acne, clogged pores and presence of excessive oil on the face.

By keeping extra refill packs at home, you don’t have to worry about leaving impurities on your skin overnight. One unique aspect of this is that it is completely oil-free and it works to melt oily secretions off your skin and make-up. Price: SGD 6.88 per pack on Amazon  vs.  SGD 10.45 per pack in local drugstores 


makeup remover wipes things to buy to qualify for amazon free shipping

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, Refill Pack, 25-Count (Pack of 6)

Price: $27.30 = SGD 37.80 (Pack of 6 i.e. SGD 6.30)

Here’s another alternative, the standard version. Price: SGD 6.30 per pack on Amazon  vs.  SGD 6.90 per pack in local drugstores

3. Razor Blade Refills 


Gillette Fusion Proglide Men’s Razor With Flexball Handle Technology and 2 Razor Blade Refills

Price: $11.45 = SGD 16.06

All men need to invest in a good razor. You don’t want to turn up to work one day looking unkempt just because you ran out of razor blades at home. If your dad or brother does not shop on Amazon, purchase it on their behalf! That way, you can also fill your cart to meet the requirement of $125 for free shipment.

On RedMart, the same product, but with only 1 refill, sells at SGD 18.60.

If you’re just looking for refills, we found some for you too!

Not forgetting the ladies,

4. Nappy Rash Cream

Desitin Diaper Rash Cream Rapid Relief, 16-Ounce Jar

Price: $10.91 = SGD 15.10

Nappy rash is very common in babies and is one of the issues most parents face frequently. Soiled and wet diapers worn for too long on babies may lead to a nappy rash, causing the skin to look red and inflamed. If it is not treated, it can develop into something more serious such as a yeast or bacterial infection. By applying diaper rash cream, the nappy rash will be healed in 2-3 days. Selling 3 tubes of 56g each (totalling 168g) at SGD 25.90 at Guardian, the one sold on Amazon is definitely a better bargain as 16oz is equivalent to about 450g.

Price: SGD 15.10 (450g) on Amazon vs.  SGD 69.38 (450g) on Guardian (calculated from SGD 25.90 jar for 168g) 

aquaYou might want to check this bestseller out as well with over 1200+ satisfied customer reviews.

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment, Diaper Rash and Dry Skin Protectant, 14 Ounce Price: $12.09 = SGD 16.74 (14 oz) on Amazon  vs.  SGD 56.7 (14oz) on Lazada (calculated from SGD 12.15 jar for 3oz)

5. Diapers

pampersPampers Swaddlers Diapers Size N Super Pack 88 Count

Price: $24.99 = SGD 34.60 (SGD 0.39 each)

We would recommend you to get baby diapers from Baby Fair @ Expo but we figured that since the Expo is only held every 4-6 months, we suggest you get them on Amazon instead. You will definitely need diapers for your babies so this is a useful item to pick up. Otherwise, diapers would be an excellent option if you are looking for filler items. These diapers sells at around SGD 0.44 each or 29.90++ for a pack of only 68 in supermarkets such as RedMart.

Price: SGD 0.39 each on Amazon   vs.  SGD 0.44 each on RedMart

6. Baby wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes Refill, 624 Count

Price: $14.66 = SGD 20.30 (SGD 0.03 each)

Essentially for mummies, baby wipes are necessary to clean your baby’s waste or bum each time you change their diapers. However, many popular baby wipes contain ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions for some babies. We found these sensitive wipes which are hypoallergenic and easy on sensitive baby skin.

Selling at SGD 0.07 each or 26.90 for a pack of 6 (64 count) i.e. 384 wipes on Lazada, we conclude that the Amazon product offers twice the quantity at almost half the price!

Price: SGD 20.30 (624 count) on Amazon   vs.  SGD 26.90 (384 count) on Lazada


wipesHuggies Simply Clean Baby Wipes, Refill, 648 Count

Another alternative is the regular baby wipes by Huggies. Priced at $11.69 = SGD 16.18 for a pack of 9 (648 count), these are suitable for all infants or toddlers with non-sensitive skin. With a higher count, you sure won’t be running low on wipes any time soon. RedMart and Fairprice sells the Huggies Gentle Care baby wipes at SGD 19.95 for a pack of 6 (80 count) which costs about SGD 3+ more for 200 lesser baby wipes.

Price: SGD 16.18 (648 count) on Amazon   vs.  SGD 19.95 (480 count) on RedMart

Another thing about baby wipes is that not many users who use it actually have babies. They simply use it as an alternative to regular wet tissue. Here are some other uses of baby wipes excluding wiping a baby. >> 32 uses for baby wipes <<

7. Stain Removersstain

Earth Friendly Products Baby Ecos Disney Stain and Odor Remover, 22 Oz (Pack of 2)

Price: $7.98 = SGD 11.19 (Pack of 2) (SGD 5.60 each)

A very popular item with moms, a plus point for organic stain removers is that it is made naturally with essential oils used to remove both odour and stains at the same time. Being baby-friendly, you can also use it for stains on kids’ clothes so you don’t have to worry too much about it causing an allergic reaction or harming your baby or child.

What’s more, even with detergent, some stains such as coffee, tea, blood or grease cannot be removed entirely. This is where stain removers come in as they contain stain removal agents which can sometimes help you get rid of the stain completely!

Price: SGD 5.60 each on Amazon   vs.  SGD 12.90 each on RedMart. You are able to get it cheaper on Amazon for twice the volume!


8. Health Supplements

testTestosterone Booster For Men With Fenugreek, 90 Count 

Price: $35.97 = SGD 49.80

Testosterone plays a key role in the creation of muscle mass and strong bones. Getting enough testosterone in your body (especially for men) helps to boost overall physique, maintain youthfulness, decrease fat and increase muscle fat and strength. With an average retail price of SGD 65 in local stores, these testosterone tablets on Amazon seem to be receiving tons of good reviews. Be it for yourself or your significant other, you may want to give it a try!

Price: SGD 49.80 on Amazon   vs.  SGD 65 on average in local drug stores

Next, vitamin supplements.

Why do we need to take vitamins? 

A: Our bodies can’t produce all of the nutrients that we need to function properly, so we have to eat them regularly.

vitCitracal Maximum Calcium Caplets with Vitamin D3, 180-Count Bottle

Price: $14.24 = SGD 19.72

For adolescents or adults, you may want to stock up on your vitamins at home and eat them on a daily basis. Vitamins help our bodies to function properly and boost our immune system too. Though please be careful and ration your intake. Too much or too little of a certain vitamin can lead to future health problems.

Price: SGD 19.72 on Amazon   vs.  SGD 46.90+ on average in local drug stores


9. Underwear


Hanes Men’s 7 Pack Ultimate Full-Cut Briefs

Price: $24.67 = SGD 34.59 (SGD 4.95 ea) vs.  SGD 51.50 in qoo10

No harm to keep some spare underwear at home right? Some even lose their elasticity, causing an improper fit. These spares can also be packed into your travel luggage if you intend to travel.


boxCalvin Klein Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs (cheaper on Amazon than in Singapore)

Price: $24.79 = SGD 34.76  vs.  SGD 40++ in local stores




Hanes Women’s Ten-Pack Cotton Brief Panties

Price: $18 = SGD 25.24 (SGD 2.52 each) vs. SGD 52 in qoo10

Similarly for the ladies, this pack of cotton brief panties are not only comfortable but suitable for women of all ages. With different sizes available, you can definitely find the right and comfortable fit. You might want to stock up on your nude-coloured panties as well! You’ll never know when it will come in handy especially wearing white dresses!



10. Pet food


Cesar 3.5oz Multi-pack Wet Dog Food

Price: $18.99 = SGD 26.29 (Pack of 24) (SGD 1.10 each)

Forgot to stock up on pet food for your little ones? These multi-pack deals with a variety of poultry and beef are a great steal. Now, your doggies will never go hungry! Price: SGD 1.10 each on Amazon (100g)    vs.   SGD 1.80 each in Fairprice (100g)

pediPEDIGREE CHOICE CUTS In Gravy With Beef Wet Dog Food, 22-Ounce (Pack Of 12)
Price: $15.99 = SGD 22.14 (Pack of 12) (SGD 1.85 each, 623g)  vs.  SGD 3.29 each, 623 g (calculated from SGD 3.70 each, 700g) in Fairprice


Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, 3-Ounce Cans, Pack of 24

Not neglecting cat owners, Fancy Feast is also very popular cat food brand. Your kitty will definitely get more than enough food for a long period of time. Price: $12.79 = SGD 17.71 (Pack of 24) (SGD 0.74 each, 85g)  vs.  SGD 1.25 each (85g) in Fairprice


Friskies Wet Cat Food, Classic Pate, 3-Flavor Variety Pack, 5.5-Ounce Can, Pack of 24

Price: $11.52 = SGD 15.95 (Pack of 24) (SGD 0.66 each, 156g)  vs.  SGD 1.47 each, 156g (calculated from 0.80 each, 85g) in Fairprice






There you have it! Our list of 10 “Filler” items to fill up your shopping cart the next time you need to qualify for free shipping to Singapore.

If you currently use any of the items above, it would make sense to stock up on them as they’re cheaper on Amazon then in Singapore, plus they have quite long expiry dates.

What about you? What else do you think could make a useful “filler” item the next time we shop on Amazon? We’d love to hear your tips!

Happy shopping! 🙂


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