In our first article “Large Furniture Wars – Taobao versus Singapore online stores”, we compared the prices of large furniture items such as dining tables, sofas, outdoor furniture and so on, with local websites online. We had a surprising verdict, which you can read here >>

Now, we’re continuing on with Part 2, where we are comparing smaller-sized items such as lamps, roller blinds, sinks and so on.

Although small in size, these smaller furnishing items can do plenty to instantly change the overall look of your home’s interior. And yet for its small size, it could rack up quite an expensive bill if you purchase from local retail stores.

Hence, here is our price comparison between Taobao and local furniture stores online. As it’s difficult to get the same exact design across the different websites, we have based our price comparisons on basic or similar designs of furniture pieces:

Note: Our Taobao shipping rates is estimated based on a range of Parcel forwarding agents (read our price comparison of agents here>>), with their rates being calculated based on either Cubicmetre or actual weight. 


1. Lighting

Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
Lock ceiling lamp
$60 for weekday delivery + $30 assembly fee (optional)
Basic ceiling light
$ 28.91*
*Free shipping
$18.57 + $3* = $21.57
*Free domestic shipping + $3 Parcel forwarding agent fees


Here you can see that for a basic lighting design, our local store Ikea offers cheaper options that Taobao is unable to beat after you’ve factored in shipping costs.

For unique and interesting lighting though, Taobao affords significant price savings, with this unique design below being a whopping 60% cheaper than the Lazada version.


Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
Living Room Vintage Design Chandelier Lights
*Free shipping

$ 69 + $18 = $87
*Free domestic shipping + Parcel forwarding fees S$15.


Furthermore, Taobao offers an unbeatable variety of lighting such as these designs below, that may not be found locally or online in Singapore.


Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
$130 + $45 = $175*
*Free domestic shipping + parcel forwarding fees $45.
$32 + $48 = $80*
*Free domestic shipping + parcel forwarding fees $48.


However, we found for this unique design below, Hipvan was cheaper than Taobao – selling the lamp at $60 instead of $81. Hence, we find that it’s still worthwhile to check local online stores in case they offer a comparable pricing.


Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
Halo Pendant light
$ 60
*Free shipping above $75 or $4.50 flat fee
$66 + $15 = $81*
*Free domestic shipping + Parcel forwarding fees $15.

2. Roller blinds/Curtains

Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
TUPPLUR Block-out roller blind, grey
$60 for weekday delivery + $30 assembly fee (optional)
Fauxwood Wallnut Venetial Blind with black tape100 x 140 (Left Pulley)
Venetian Blinds lazada singapore
*Free shipping

环保隔热升降卷帘窗帘 100 cm x 195cm
$76 + $5 + $9 = $90
*Domestic shipping RMB 23 = SGD 5 + parcel forwarding fees $9.
$6.30 + $2.90 + $12 = $21.20*
*Domestic shipping RMB 13 = SGD 2.90 + Parcel forwarding agent fees $12
$13.50 + $3.40 + $6* = $22.90
*Domestic shipping fee RMB 15 = SGD 3.40 + Parcel forwarding agent fees $6.


For local stores such as Ikea and Qoo10, you can find plain roller blinds or classic Venetian blinds for below $100.

However, Taobao has an impressive and unbeatable range from rustic bamboo blinds, elegant silk printed blinds, to graphics-printed blackout blinds such as the Leaf background roller blinds in the above table for a similiar price range to local online stores.

3. Barstool / Armchair

Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
Bar stool BS01
*Free delivery & free installation.
FM-BAR005 - Bar Stool
Free delivery & free installation.
$119 + $15.99* = $134.99
*Shipping fee $15.99
High Bar Stool (Red) Set of 2
$100 ($50 each stool)
*Free shipping
$28 + $25 = $53
Free domestic shipping + Parcel forwarding agent fees $25 - $53


As you can see, some of our online stores has comparable or cheaper prices. For instance, Lazada has a set of bar stools for $100 ($50 each), which is slightly cheaper than Taobao.

However, Taobao has a wider range of affordable bar stools such as this rustic wooden bar stool below, and leather bar stool on wheels.


Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
$35 + $2.25 + $12.40 = $49.65*
*Domestic shipping fees RMB 10 = SGD 2.25 + Parcel forwarding agent fees $12.39 - $42
$22 + $2.50 + $12.40 = $36.90*
*Domestic shipping fees RMB 11 = SGD 2.50 + Parcel forwarding agent fees $12.40 - $30


Furthermore when it comes to the seating department, besides barstools, you can get interesting and unique armchairs from Taobao for extremely reasonable prices, such as the two designs below.


Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
$59 + $50 = $109
*Free domestic shipping + Parcel forwarding agent fees $50 - $144
$45 + $19 + $50 = $114*
*Domestic shipping fees $19 + Parcel Forwarding Agent fees $50 - $135.


4. Sinks

Here you can see that sells the square sink designs above for an affordable $80. However, once you’ve factored in the $20 shipping fee, Taobao is slightly cheaper at $91.29.


Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
YDDINGEN Single wash-basin
$60 for weekday delivery + $30 assembly fee (optional)
Wall Hung Wash Basin
$130 + $5* = $135
*$5 shipping (free shipping for orders above $200)
Designer Artistic Basin AB2022
$80 + $20 = $100

*Shipping charge $20.
$79.13 + $12.16* = $91.29
*Free domestic shipping + Parcel forwarding agent fees $12.16 - $56.


For unique or bigger sink designs such as the table sink sets below, we found that Taobao has more variety and for cheaper.


Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
SILVERÅN / TÄLLEVIKENWash-basin cabinet
$60 for weekday delivery + $30 assembly fee (optional)
$171 + $22 + $36.47 = $229.47
Domestic Shipping $22 + Parcel forwarding agent fees $36.47 - $104.
$864.45 + $97.25 = $961.7 *
*Free Domestic shipping + Parcel forwarding agent fees $97.25 - $360


5. Rain Shower Sets


Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
Crizto Enhydro Elevation Shower c/w Shower Mixer
*$5 shipping (free shipping for orders above $200)
Rubine 1 Function Rain Shower Column
*Free delivery
Rubine Rain Shower Column (Inox-S) Without Bath Mixer
*Free shipping
$286.53 + $12.16 = $298.69
*Free domestic shipping + Parcel forwarding agent fees $12.16 - $50.40.


Here you can see that some of our local online stores and provide basic rain shower designs that are slightly cheaper than Taobao at $278 instead of $298.68.

However, once again Taobao has a really wide and unique variety of rain shower options such as this full scale one below, which comes with torso-level shower jets to massage your torso and back, as well as an in-built bath-tub.


Online storeProduct name/photoPrice
$1236.20 + $316 =$1552 *
*Free domestic shipping + Parcel forwarding agent fees $316 - $360



Once again just like in our Part 1 furniture article, we found that our local online stores provide comparable or cheaper options to Taobao.

Of course, if you were to compare prices of local physical stores in Singapore versus Taobao, Taobao would surely win hands down as they do not need to pay physical store front rent. However, local online-based furniture stores do not have to pay retail store rent either, hence they may sometimes offer comparable or cheaper prices to Taobao, and are worth checking out.

However, when it comes to the variety of unique, interesting or elaborate designs, there is none other like Taobao.

In particular, we recommend the lighting, as well as bar stool or armchair category in Taobao, as they have a very wide and unique selection compared to both local physical and online stores.

Hence, if you are looking to furnish your home with interesting and beautifully-designed pieces at affordable prices, Taobao would be your best bet. Furthermore, the more you shop, the more you save in shipping costs as shipping rates become cheaper the more you ship.

However, do take a second to check out local options online, as sometimes our own local stores provide a good variety and affordable prices.

Which online store do you prefer to get your home furnishings from ? Which would you recommend?

Happy shopping !



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