Over the past decade, China’s e-commerce industry has speedily transitioned from being a niche market to becoming part of the consumer lifestyle in China. 

With that, I’m sure most of you have heard of or shopped on Taobao.

But why restrict yourself to just one site? China is filled with tons of great shopping websites which you can purchase good quality, affordable products from.

Here, we have compiled the Top 10 Shopping Websites in China, ranked according to popularity, just for you!

Note: All timings are GMT +8 – Singapore.

1. Tmall.com 天猫

What is the difference between Taobao and Tmall? Taobao is a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace where Taobao acts as intermediary in sales where individiuals sell items to other individuals.

Tmall, on the otmallther hand, is an open business-to-consumer (B2C) platform. This means that sellers are required to give all appropriate documentation confirming their reliability and authenticity of their organisation, company or brand. Buyers hence find it safer to shop on Tmall as the risk of scams are very minimal. With an established reputation, Tmall has become the destination for quality and authentic brand-name goods for the increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers.


  • Tmall only delivers domestically (within China) which takes around 4-8 working days
  • Delivery fees are as shown:tmalll
  • However, if you wish to ship to Singapore, you may consider using parcel forwarding companies or international couriers such as EMS, DHL or UPS.
  • Returns & Refund: Within 7 days

2. Jing Dong 京东

JinJDgdong (JD) is very much like Tmall. JD.com is one of the largest B2C online retailers in China by transaction volume, after Tmall. JD.com started off by selling electronics such as computers and cell phones which are high-priced. Over time, consumers have become confident in paying higher prices at Jingdong as they are sure of the authenticity and quality of the products. With confidence and trust cultivated progressively, customers were able to rely on JD.com to provide a wide variety of authentic products ranging from electronics to furniture to books.


  • Domestic delivery charges are as follows, usually 1-3 days:jdd
  • JD.com also delivers to over 78 countries, including Singapore, using either EMS, DHL or UPS. This usually takes 3-12 days. Do take note that additional courier charges will be applied if you choose this method. Tracking numbers will be provided for ALL parcels.
  • Returns & Refund: Within 30 days of receipt of shipment

3. Suning 苏宁

SUNINGGGGGSuning Appliance Company Limited has more than 1600 stores covering over 700 cities of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan and its e-commerce platform, mainly focusing on electronic products. With a recent partnership with Alibaba, Suning’s logistics services is essentially improved which mean that customers are able receive their goods as fast as 2 hours time. This vital benefit has allowed Suning.com has surged to become the top 3 Chinese B2C e-commerce company.

A word of caution: As read from customer reviews, after-sales service were unsatisfactory and some buyers were also scammed by sellers on Suning. Do remember to check the seller’s ratings before purchasing!

As of 24 May 2015, the revised delivery policies are as follows:


  • International express delivery services available
  • Return & Exchange: Within 10 days from the date of purchase

4. Yihaodian 一号店

Recently bought over by Walmart, Yihaodian (YHD) is a B2C e-commerce website, which started as an online supermarket.

YHDPopular for their “2D physical stores”, as shown below, that exhibit images of stocked grocery shelves on walls and other surfaces in urban public areas in China, passers-by can scan codes under the images with a mobile device to purchase corresponding groceries online.yhd

Just like Walmart, apart from offering mostly fast-moving consumer products, Suning now boasts extensive categories ranging from consumer electronics, apparels, books to mom and baby products, that is worthwhile to shop at.


  • YHD offers same-day or next-day deliveries in Chengdu.
  • Domestic delivery charges are from 12 yuan onwards, which can be received in 1-3 days
  • Delivery fees and free deliveries are as follows:

5. VIPSHOP 唯品会

VIPVIPSHOP is favoured by the Chinese consumers for their huge discounts, which can sometimes go up to 90%. With a 100% guaranteed authenticity of product brands, consumers are able to purchase quality goods at affordable prices. Some recognised global brands offered by VIPSHOP include Burberry, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden and Superga. Though the after-discount product prices on VIPSHOP are lower than prices in Singapore, VIPSHOP unfortunately does not offer international shipping. However, we can easily tap onto parcel forwarding agents such as 65daigou, SG shop and others.


  • Standard domestic delivery fee: 10 yuan
  • Delivery time will take 2-4 days after payment
  • Return & Exchange: Within 7 days after receiving goods

6. GOME 国美电器

gmSimilar to YHD, GOME Electrical Appliances mainly focuses on electronics such as Dell computers and offers a wide array of products ranging from daily necessities, kitchen appliances to apparels and furniture. With over 1000 physical stores, GOME decided to venture into e-commerce since Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. What GOME was able to do was to position their brand as being a curator of high quality brands. Therefore, consumers trusted that the electronic items put up on GOME, even undistinctive Chinese brands, were of a grade up to a certain high standard.


  • Estimated delivery time: 1-3 days
  • Delivery fees are as follows:gomeyy

7. Dangdang 当当

dangdangDangdang is a Chinese e-commere company that started out by selling books. Dangdang.com enjoys huge popularity because of the outstanding discounts it offers on books (including many English books), though they have widened their product categories to range from household merchandises, cosmetics, apparels and other electronics.

Delivery fees are as follows:


Example of international delivery shipping cost and delivery time:

  • Single parcel delivery fee + single product delivery fee(book/product) x quantity + single product delivery fee(software/music/movie) x quantity
  • Product example: 2 books and 2 CDs
  • Cost for shipping to Singapore (Refer to table below) = 90 + (30×2) + (20×2) yuan = 190 yuan
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 9-10 days

ddReturn & Exchange policy:

  • Return products within 7 days of receipt
  • Exchange or return books and other media products purchased within 15 days of receipt

8. Amazon.cn

amazon.cnAmazon is the largest online shopping website in the world, originating from the U.S and highly raved by online shoppers worldwide. Amazon does not ship internationally, but luckily for China, Amazon.cn is a platform designed specially for them in Mandarin and with affordable local China shipping. Highly reviewed for their high quality products offered at a low price, this has vastly appealed to the Chinese market. Rest assured that the diversity of products such as books, maternity and baby products, apparels, etc sold are original. With warehouses situated in China, delivery is made much more convenient and buyers are able to receive their products in as fast as 2 days.

Example of Domestic delivery shipping cost and delivery time:

  • Single parcel delivery fee + product delivery fee (single product delivery fee x quantity)
  • Product example: 2 books and 3 kitchen products
  • Cost for shipping in China mainland = 20 + (10×2) + (25×3) = 115 yuan
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 2 days

International Delivery:

  • Amazon.cn also offers overseas standard shipping service to more than 100 countries by FedEx.
  • Estimated delivery time to ship to Singapore: 3 days
  • You may refer to this >> for more information on international delivery

9. Yixun 易迅网

yixunA B2C platform, Yixun.com focuses mainly on the latest computer products and digital communications. Apart from electronic gadgets, Yixun is also a great website if you’re looking for apparels, home appliances and even automotive supplies such as tyres, car seats, car parts etc. With occasional time-based sales events, consumers are able to grab products off the web store at prices even below the retail price. Providing only authentic products, Yixun.com is gradually being recognised for upkeeping its promise in the quality of products they offer and its fast delivery of goods.


  • Provides domestic delivery only. Delivery charges are as follows:


10. 凡客 VANCL

vanclMainly focusing on apparels, VANCL has emerged as China’s largest apparel retailer. Ranging from cheap-chic apparels to branded apparels designed by famous designers from Europe and America, VANCL has become the top shopping site for men’s clothing. At the same time, it also caters to the Asian men’s body measurements and uses high-quality fabric. This has appealed to the Chinese market and allows buyers to enjoy excellent products at affordable prices.

  • Return & Exchange: Within 7 days of purchase
  • Vancl only allows domestic shipping and charges are as shown:

Our say:

Most of these websites have professional user interfaces and are extremely user-friendly. They are easy to navigate and some even provide international shipping such as JD and Amazon.cn. However, don’t be disheartened by those that only ship domestically. You can simply engage parcel forwarding companies using their Buy-For-Me and Ship-For-Me services.

Here>>, we have compared the shipping rates of various parcel forwarding companies for you. You may choose your preferred parcel forwarding company and most of them even deliver your parcels directly to your doorstep!

These top 10 e-commerce stores are not only trustworthy but are also very reliable. With some even offering free returns within a stated period, it depicts their dedication to providing quality products and affirms the authenticity of the products sold. On websites such as JD, Suning and Dangdang where products are sold by other business sellers in addition to their own home brand products, do remember to check these seller’s ratings before making a purchase.

So wait no more, shop away right now!


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