Taobao has emerged as one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China with over 800 million product listings and 500 million registered users. Sure enough with so many products available at budget prices, some would have caught your eye.


Unsure of how to purchase from Taobao?

Fret no more! We will be showing you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can shop online on Taobao!

For illustration purposes and in due to the recent haze conditions in Singapore, we decided to purchase an air purifier for the office.

1. Selecting the product

We came across this air purifier on Taobao priced at SGD 52.25, which is a reasonably decent price.


2. Assessing the seller

Before you purchase a product on Taobao, do remember to check the seller’s ratings (located on the right side bar of the product as per the screenshot above).


On Tmall, scroll down a little and look for this icon on the left side bar underneath the product photo to chat with the seller.

3You may use this table of ratings as reference of how positively-rated your seller is.


Remember to read the product description, customer reviews and check on the number of successful transactions by the seller to assess their trustworthiness.


3. Talking to your seller


An advantage of buying directly from Taobao is that they have a live chat function, Aliwangwang, which allows you to chat with the sellers. Should you have any enquiries and/or clarifications e.g. which size fits best, true colour of the product, packaging dimensions etc., you can make good use of this function. Their customer service is so apt in replying it is as though they are on the site 24/7.

For Taobao, you may be required to install a plugin as shown:

Copy and paste your product URL in the chat box with the seller to enquire about the product.

To make things easier for you, you may copy & paste these questions to your seller:

  • 有免费退货吗? – Enquiring about free return and exchange (if faulty)
  • 它的实际重量是什么? – What is the actual weight of the product?
  • 它的包装尺寸是什么?- Dimensions of parcel after packaging


4. Billing information

Key in your address, name and mobile phone number for delivery, billing and contact purposes.

ss85. Choosing your preferred shipping method

ss10There are three options for you to choose from:

a. Taobao Global Direct Shipping

This option is recommended for a single product purchase. Only one payment (product cost + shipping fee) is required. Taobao will select a trusted parcel forwarding company on your behalf and will overlook the entire shipping process. (To be elaborated further below).

Sometimes option a. may not be available as your seller may not offer direct shipping. However, if available, this would usually be the cheapest rate of all, even if compared to our Singapore parcel forwarding agents.


4pxChoose your preferred parcel forwarder and two payments are required separately.

First payment: Product cost + Domestic shipping fee (to warehouse)

Second payment: International shipping fee (to destination). When the parcel has reached the warehouse in China, they will calculate the final shipping price and you will have to make the second payment.

Select this option if you are purchasing more than 1 item from Taobao. This option will usually take a longer time than Taobao Global Directing Shipping due to the handling procedures e.g. consolidation of all your items and repackaging them before shipping – which will help you save on your total shipping fees.

Here the rates and 2-payment process are similiar to using our Singapore parcel forwarding agents such as 65daigou, SG shop and others. However, the difference is that Option b. only offer air freight options, and not sea freight options, which is more expensive than our Singapore parcel forwarding agents.

c. Contact seller for price

This option allows you to negotiate with the seller. However, this option is usually unavailable as majority of the sellers only allow domestic shipping.

  • 如果运来新加坡的话,你们运费是收多少?- Total shipping fees to Singapore

ss9After chatting with the seller, we were told that they were not able to find any suitable couriers to ship directly to Singapore. Hence, we decided to opt for the Taobao Global Direct Shipping Service, which is offered by Taobao and the cheapest option (SGD 13.67).

For the Global Consolidate and Shipping option, parcel forwarding rates are as follows:

f31Should you decide to opt for Global Consolidate and Shipping, instructions can be found here>>

6. Payment

After submitting the order, payment has to be made within 3 days or it will automatically be cancelled. You may select your preferred payment method as shown below. Do note that an additional 3% charge is applicable should you decide to pay by credit card.


If possible, make your payment before 4pm (GMT +8) so sellers can send the goods to the courier on the same day. (Couriers in China usually collect parcels at 5pm)

7. Tracking the parcel

Logistics status of parcel will be shown on the Taobao website, or you can click here >>


ss14Situation 1: If you have received the goods and is satisfied, you may ‘Confirm Delivery’ and Taobao will pay the seller immediately.

Situation 2: If you have not received the goods, please take note of the payment countdown. You may wish to extend the payment countdown period or request for a refund (usually more troublesome).


*UPDATE** Due to multiple queries from readers.

Now here is the tricky part:

Our parcel showed that it had arrived at the China warehouse for a few days, but there were no further updates after that. We found out that what happens is that when the parcel reaches the China warehouse domestically, they will then switch to a different courier for it to be sent internationally.

During this switch, they usually will NOT update the customer with the new tracking number nor the new courier company. Hence if you wish too, you can Live Chat the original courier company in China and ask them for the new tracking number and new courier company name. Alternatively, you can just wait – it’s an automatic process for them to send the parcel to you.

In our case, we contacted our original courier company Zhong Tong on Live Chat, and gave them our old tracking number. They then gave us the new courier company name and new tracking number. In our case, it was Dpex. Hence, we put our new tracking number into the Dpex website and found our parcel. 



The picture below shows the step-by-step tracking process of the parcel, as well as the new order number, shown on Dpex >>.

ss178. Confirming delivery

After receiving the parcel, please remember to log on to Taobao to acknowledge delivery. Taobao will pay the seller immediately.

Optional: You can also leave reviews on the seller’s page about their products or service.

Delivery took 8 days after payment.

Our air purifier was packaged nicely and received in good condition.

IMG_5980IMG_5997 (1)

IMG_6001 (1)IMG_6022

Our take:

Shopping on Taobao is relatively easy if you get the hang of it. Trust us, once you get the hang of it, Taobao will always be the first option for you when online shopping. Alternatively, you can check out “Taobao Shipping Guide >>>” for other information.

Unable to read the Chinese characters? Get an agent to liaise in Mandarin on your behalf, or use Google Translate.

You can also engage agents such as 65Daigou and SGShop to help you with your Taobao shopping! Read more about it here >>>

For readers who’d like to find out more about Global Consolidate & Shipping, click here to read our Part Two article Step-by-Step Taobao Tutorial on Global Consolidation & Shipping! 🙂

Happy shopping!

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  1. Wow! A very helpful and interesting article!! Keep up the good work, Tiffany Wong! 🙂

  2. Hi Tiffany, I was wondering if you knew what would happen should you have no family never around to receive the parcel. How would they contact you to get the parcel after?

      • Hi Charmaine,

        Sorry for the late reply ! We can’t be sure but we think that the Courier company will give you a call to arrange re-delivery if you’re not around the first time. In our case, the courier company came when we happened to be there. They definitely did not call us before they came.

        However, I think it should be quite dependable. The courier companies will make sure to get their product to you. Because if not, you as the buyer have a right to click on “Extend Payment Countdown” button, and the seller will not receive the payment until you’ve received the goods.

        However, do make sure you remember to click that button. Otherwise, the payment will automatically be credited to the seller after a few days. Hope that helps ! 🙂

    • Hi Wai, most probably there’s no size/dimension/weight limit once the vendor decides to offer you Direct Shipping to Singapore. However, it would depend on whether the vendor offers free shipping to you in the first place. You’ll only find out once you’ve added the item to your Shopping Cart, and gone to the Shipping Calculator Page (No 5 above)

      We find that usually if your item is too big e.g. sofa, dining table etc, usually the vendor doesn’t offer “Direct Shipping” for that. You would actually have to contact the Seller via the Chat box (scroll above in the article for the plugin download). Alternatively, you can use 3rd party forwarding agents such as we’ve covered in our article here: China to Singapore: Which Taobao agent has the best rates? . Hope that helps !

      • Yes, there is size limitation from taobao direct forwarder. 4px & PRouter is 1.2m, Dpex & ZhongTong is 80cm. Because my items was rejected by them before. If you are unsure about the size. Ask the seller before you make purchase.

  3. Hello, I would like to ask is it possible to buy from more than 1 shop for the Global Direct Shipping? Both items have arrived at the warehouse for a few days but it hasn’t been sent out yet, I’m not sure why…

    • Hi Jiahui,
      Yes, it is possible to buy from more than 1 seller. We have two assumptions:
      First is that your items may have been delayed due to the recent 11.11 massive sales period.
      Second is that your tracking number has been changed after arriving at China’s warehouse. We’ve experienced this as well. You can try to contact the local courier company through phone calls or Aliwangwang to receive your new parcel tracking number.

      Usually for items from different sellers, we recommend you to tick Global Consolidate & Shipping option as your items would be consolidated into one parcel before shipping it out.

      You can visit this link for more information. 🙂

  4. Hi Tiffany, can I ask if you had to take an extra step of consolidating shipment when the items reach the warehouse if I opted for tabao direct shipping. I bought stuff from two different sellers using taboo direct shipping and the status says it’s been delivered to the warehouse, and its been like that for a couple of days. So I was wondering if I have to inform the local courier company or something to “alert” them that the goods have arrived in the warehouse, or is it an automatic process?

    • Hi Zee, we didn’t consolidate our items because we only bought one item. However, it should be fine that you’ve bought stuff from two different sellers using direct shipping – it’ll just be that you’ll receive those two parcels at different times.

      The same thing happened to us where the parcel was at the warehouse for a couple of days without any update, and we were quite worried too. We found out that what happens is that when the parcel reaches the China warehouse domestically, they will then switch to a different courier for it to be sent internationally. During this switch, they usually will not update the customer with the new tracking number or the new courier company.

      If you want, you can Live Chat the original courier company in China to ask for your new tracking number and new courier company. Alternatively, you can just wait – yes, it’s an automatic process for them to send the parcel to you, you don’t have to “alert” them. Hope that helps !

      • Hi,
        I just bought few items from taobao and arranged for their designated forwarder Zhong1 Tong1 to ship. However I have encountered 2 issues:-
        1. I was informed that one of the items I bought cannot be shipped to Singapore. I have arranged to do refund but it seemed that they only refund the cost of item. How about the international shipping cost? I remembered this was already been charged to my credit card already even before all my items are being shipped. Surely the international shipping cost should include this item that was not even shipped???
        2. I have encountered similar delays for the rest of the items. It has been recorded that it has reached the warehouse in China but it has been many days already since last week Friday. Not sure if it is the norm?

        I am rather worried by the above issues.

        I have also made a mistake by confirming receipt of goods even before I receive them (except for the item mentioned in (1)). Just some stupid mistake I made- hopefully there is no serious repercussions!! Thanks!

        • Hi NKP, Ans 1: It sounds like you chose “Global Direct Shipping” (see item 5 – Choosing your preferred shipping method in article above). In that case, your payment is probably still with Taobao. So you can contact either Taobao Customer Service or your Courier Company. Zhong Tong is notoriously bad for customer service. The easiest way to contact them is to download the Aliwangwang chat plugin, then search for the User “中通速递服务有限公司:香港集运a” which is Zhong Tong’s Customer Service Rep. Liaise with them there.
          Ans 2: To be honest confirming receipt of goods makes things more complicated. But your items may still reach Singapore. Try contacting your courier company via Live Chat, give them your tracking number, and ask them the status of your parcels. In our case, the courier company gave us a new tracking number, because they had transferred over to a new courier company to ship to SG. Ours took a while as well (see Item 7 – Tracking your parcel, in article above).
          Hope that helps. Good luck !

        • Hi NKP,

          I am now facing similar issue. Bought from 2 sellers. 1 seller said out of stock and I had to arrange a refund. But will Zhong Tong know not to wait for that item to consolidate and ship? I’ve been trying to contact them since last afternoon via messaging but no response from their customer service.

    • Hi Zee,

      can I check if your items bought from 2 different sellers arrived at different times?
      I asked someone else and she told me they will be consolidated before shipping.

  5. Hi, thanks for nice and detailed post! Would like to ask you about something I encountered. I bought a few clothings and I chose the global direct shipping. However, it tells me that the items have arrived at the warehouse for almost 4 days already. Is it because that I bought a few items so I shouldnt have chosen the global direct shipping, that is why there seems to be a problem at the warehouse? Thanks!

    • Hi Samantha, you’re welcome ! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Most probably there isn’t a problem at the warehouse, but you’re experiencing what we’ve experienced – they’ve switched to a new courier company and new tracking number. You would have to contact your courier company via Live Chat and ask them for the new tracking number. Alternatively, you could just wait until the parcel randomly one day shows up (see “item 7 – Tracking your parcel” in our article above). Choosing global direct shipping shouldn’t be a problem – it’s just that you would have more number of parcels you need to track and they would come at different times.

  6. Thanks for the excellent guide. Great screenshots.

    What are the courier working days and hours delivery to your home? Can you choose a specific date/time for delivery?

    • Hi Jason, you’re welcome ! Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      We chose Zhong Tong, which works with Dpex to ship to Singapore. If we’re not mistaken, it should be Mon – Fri 8.30am – 6pm. No, we could not choose a specific date/time for delivery.

      Here’s the link that details which Singaporean partner is used depending on which China courier you choose: Taobao Shipping Partner

      Hope that helps ! 🙂

  7. Hi! I wish I read this guide before I decided to use global direct shipping for the first time, it would save me such a huge headache ):

    I bought quite a few things from different sellers, and now all its showing me is that the items have been 入库 by Zhong tong. That is, all except one that just says 签收. How should I approach this problem and how should I contact Zhong tong? Do I need to get the tracking numbers for all of them? Should I just try to refund the one that’s different? Thank you!

    • Hi J, yes we had a huge headache too the first time we used Global Direct Shipping 🙂

      You actually should already be able to see your first batch of tracking numbers when you log into your Taobao account. You can download the Aliwangwang plugin from their website, then search for and add the User “中通速递服务有限公司:香港集运a” which is Zhong Tong’s Customer Service Chat Username. Give Zhong Tong the tracking number of the parcel that says 签收 and ask them the status of that parcel. Depending on what they reply, you can decide what to do. Do bear in mind, their free storage is for up until 21 days only.

      FYI, I’m not certain whether you can get a refund on a parcel that’s already been shipped out. I think you can only get your money back if your parcel never arrives/ item is damaged/ incorrect.

      Ok hope that helps ! Good luck, J ! 🙂

  8. I shipped direct using Taobao and was informed that the warehouse has rejected my parcel because it’s too big. Tried to get in contact with Zhong Tong but there’s no response at all.

    Seller says he has divided my items into 3 parts to send in but only 1 has been signed. What can I do when seller says I have to inform Zhong Tong but nobody is answering to my response at all. Sos please 🙁

    • Hi Zeezee,

      Wow sorry to hear that ! We’ve not yet heard of something like this. Usually, the seller wouldn’t offer Global Direct Shipping if the parcel is too big in the first place I think.

      Have you tried contacting them via Aliwangwang Live Chat? We tried calling dozens of times too but they don’t seem to pick up their phone. Download Aliwangwang Chat Plugin on Taobao’s website – then search and add “中通速递服务有限公司:香港集运a” which is Zhong Tong Courier’s Customer Service Chat Username. Give them your Tracking number and ask them the status of your parcel.

      Hope that helps ! And keep us updated of your case, k? So that other readers can take note. Good luck !

      • It seems like the two parcels that was big were rejected so my seller got them back. But one of the parcel was smaller and was accepted. Seems like I couldn’t find any button to get them to send and no reply when I speak to any of their customer service chat windows. I have tried hk, Singapore and whatever service they provided but ghost reply.

        Global shipping doesn’t need to approve or anything and it will be mailed straight to me? All I do is just to wait for that parcel to be delivered?

        • Hi Zeezee,

          Gosh that’s so complicated ! Hope it all works out in the end!

          Yes, I think Global Direct shipping is supposed to happen automatically without approval. It’s only with Global Consolidate & shipping that you need to press the “Consolidate” button and pay a second payment (article here). But if you’re worried, it’s probably good to keep checking with Live Chat until you get a hold of them, because in your case you had a few items from the same seller. It could be they’re dealing with a sudden influx of shipping enquiries from the Singles Day hence they’re so busy.

          Hope your item reaches you soon. Keep us posted yah? Good luck !

  9. Hi, yeah I know about the consolidated shipment as I have been using that for a Long time. Just decided to try the global as I’m only buying 5 pcs of a similar product.

    Who knows until now no response from them at all. Very frustrating to use their service!

    • Hi Zeezee,

      Oh I see. Yeah actually Zhong Tong has a lot of customer complaints online 🙁 I guess it’s a trade-off between unreliable service and being the cheapest. Hope you get your items soon !

      • Hello! Just an update, that parcel of mine has arrived! Hahaha after many days of anxiety, it decided to show up despite their CS not bothered to reply any of my message.

        Lesson learned, shall not use their service again. Better stick to my consolidated shipping service, at least their CS will assist.

        Thank you for your time and I hope the rest can learned from this experience as well. Not having to worry like a mad woman when using direct shipping on Taobao..

        • Hi Zeezee,

          So glad to hear that it arrived safely ! Thanks for the update 🙂 Yeah its good to let others know about this too – that Global Direct Shipping (Zhong Tong) doesn’t really reply queries and can be quite worrying.

          Happy to hear that you got your parcel and hope you enjoy the purchase at least. Cheers ! 🙂

  10. Thank you for your detailed guide and for taking the time to answer our queries. We are all very anxious when it comes to Taobao as the site is entirely in Chinese and it is hard to communicate with them. So thank you for acting as someone we can turn to and for patiently answering our queries even if its a repeated question. Two thumbs up for your service!

    • Hi A,

      Wow, thanks so much, A! You’re very welcome! We work really hard to find & write useful info, and to reply as soon as we can – so we really appreciate your encouraging words ! Thanks so much and have a great week, A 🙂

  11. I used taobao direct shipping and have an item listed as “您的包裹新加坡清关完成” what does this mean. Its already been a week and its still like that and no other updates so far :(.

    • Hello there,

      It means “Your parcel has cleared the Singapore customs”. So this indicates that you will receive your parcel soon 🙂 As we mentioned, it is difficult to track your parcel with global direct shipping so our best suggestion for you is to wait patiently for your parcel to arrive!
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  12. Hi!

    I used 4PX and got the message that my parcel got rejected due to “too big”, and the message indicated with it as me to request for a refund from seller. How?

    I have contacted the seller and they say they will contact 4PX and advise, but I have been waiting and there is no news. Is there anyway I can contact 4PX directly and check with them in regards to this issue? And little did i know that there is a size limitation to 4PX courier. but my item is not as huge as what some of my friends has ordered, like sofa and table.

    Any advise on this situtation? Or request for refund how does it goes?

    • Hi Emily!

      Yes you can contact 4PX directly through Aliwangwang here >> If 4PX is still unable to ship your parcel due to its size, you may want to request for a refund from the seller OR choose a different courier company. After refund, alternatively, you can also use 65Daigou as they will liaise with the seller for you who also ensures the safety arrival of your parcel.
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  13. I wanted to order something from Taobao, but when it comes to choosing delivery options I have only one – ‘Contact seller for price’. What is the reason of this situation?

    • Hi Chan,

      The ‘Contact seller for price’ option means that the seller would have to personally ship your item using their local courier company. This may be because your item is too large or may have some restrictions. This method is also much more expensive as compared to global direct shipping and global consolidation. We suggest you find a similar alternative or you can try your luck using agents instead!
      Hope this helps! 🙂

        • Hi Chan,

          From what you’re saying, we assume that Global Direct Shipping and Global Consolidation Shipping is unavailable for you? We suggest you to engage in agents such as 65Daigou as they help you to liaise with the sellers and ship the item for you. You may want to check them out first via their 65Daigou website. It’s rather user-friendly too. 🙂

  14. Hi. If ive about 10 items ( mostly clothes and shoes ) to ship . global direct or consolidate shipping will be cheaper ?
    isit true that 4pex is more ex than global sometimes?
    I just make my first batch via global direct and was thinking to try out 4pex but I have quite a number of shoes. does the box affects the weight ?

    any advice on what can I do? much appreciated

    • Hi May,

      Since you have 10 items, we strongly suggest global consolidate shipping. Once all of your items have arrived at the warehouse, they will repackage it in a way which will help you save shipping costs. After which, the overall shipping costs will be calculated for you. If you opt for global direct, this means that you will receive all 10 parcels from different sellers individually and at different timings. This makes it extremely difficult for you to track your parcels and the possibility of a lost parcel is higher. We used 4px and I would say they are pretty efficient as they are linked up with SingPost. You can read our Taobao tutorial part 2 here >>> for more information.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  15. Hello, Great post it is very informative.
    I would like to know if the buyer has to pay anything during the “payment countdown” phase? what does it actually mean? what happens if the time runs out and you haven’t received your goods yet ANNND you don’t want a refund but the good instead?

    I have purchased some goods and they all say they have arrived at the warehouse. Now am not sure what to do next. should I wait or what? sorry am so confused with taobao (p.s I am a first timer on the site)

    • Hi Lola,

      No, you don’t have to pay during the payment countdown phase as you have already made a payment in the beginning when you purchased the goods. You can extend the countdown period by clicking on the “延長收穫時間” option. And yes, you should just wait for your parcel. Because we’ve mentioned that it was really a hassle to track our parcel and the best suggestion is to just wait! 🙂

      • Thank you very much for you response.

        Ive got one more question lol.. my package says it has been delivered ( address and all are correct) but i haven’t received anything when translated its saying ” your package has been normal in the library through Cargo warehouse
        You can rate notes to request an invoice”

        so now am even more confused because its telling me to ‘EVALUATE’ does this usually happen on taobao? have you experienced anything like this? #superconfused

        • Hi Lola,
          May we know if you picked Global Direct or Global Consolidation? No, we have not experienced that when we bought and shipped items from Taobao. This is because we chose 4PX which updated us on our parcel when we picked Global Consolidation. If you are able to contact your courier(depending on which you chose), you should be able to track your parcel.
          Hope this helps! 🙂

  16. Hi Tiffany,

    I wonder if you can tell me how to contact the courier as i am using consolidate shipping (option number 2) i order from 3 seller in taobao but only receive items from 2 seller, i already contact the third seller and seller advise it has been deliver to me .. and advise me to check with courier.. but every time i tried to click the courier chat it will automatically log me out and ask me to login in again and again, thus i am unable to check with courier

    • Hi Sofia,
      Were all your items in the warehouse before you clicked “Consolidate and Ship”? Your item may still be in the warehouse. We advise you to get in touch with the courier company to locate your missing item! You can try using AliWangWang or a different browser instead.
      Cheers! 🙂

  17. Hi!
    I checked my item’s status and it says delivered for 9 days already but I have not received the item!
    Service Type : Export Non Documents – Retail
    Destination : Singapore
    Status : Delivered
    What can I do from here?

    • Hi Eliza,
      You will have to check with the courier company. If you chose Global Direct Shipping, chances are they won’t update you on who your courier is. If you chose Global Consolidation, you may check with your chosen courier company through AliWangWang live chat functions. 🙂

  18. Hi,

    Thank you for your post. Very informative,

    I have a situation here where, I order 3 items and chose to ship via global direct shipping with Zhong Tong. 2 of the items have been successfully shipped out by Zhong Tong to Singapore. 1 of the item was advised by seller to 退款 as the dimension is too big. That item was not send to Zhong Tong in the first place as a result.

    I have successfully completed the refund with seller. I have also contacted Zhong Tong and they have advised me to apply for refund of a certain amount for the shipping fee of the item that was not shipped.

    Now my question is, I couldn’t locate any button within my taobao webpage to click into such that I can apply for partial refund of the shipping fee for the item that was not ship at all. Any advise on this?

    • Hi Victor,
      We have not encountered this issue before. But I guess you could either contact Taobao directly on issues of shipping fee refunds. Sorry about that!
      Cheers! 🙂

  19. I just bought today without reading your mail . omg I chose the first option. But I still paid extra earlier . so much hassle

    • Hi Ben,
      Just have to wait patiently then! 🙂 you can choose global consolidation on your future purchases instead!
      Cheers 🙂

  20. Hey!
    I’ve used Taobao’s global direct shipping and the status of my items have been at “您的包裹已被中通集运仓正常入库“ for about 5 days now! It’s no longer updating and it’s starting to worry me. My “交易操作” is ticking and it seems like I’m left with 2 days. What should my next course of action be? Thanks in advance!!

    • Tiffany Wong on

      We faced the same issue as you before and we weren’t able to track our parcel. We would suggest you to extend it until you’ve received the parcel. 🙂

  21. Hi everyone, I really need some help! I know I need to confirm the order was sent but not sure where to find the button! Sorry ‘cos I find Taobao a bit confusing sometimes. ><;;

    The second thing is: 2 of my ordered items have not arrived yet but the site says they've. Hmmm… could they be talking about the website?

    Oh and a seller sent me the wrong item. Hmmm… I'll try talking to them with my so-so Chinese.

    • Tiffany Wong on

      Hi Sarah,
      You can refer to item 7 and 8 in our article. If your item has not been delivered to you, you should choose to extend the payment countdown until you received the item.
      Cheers. 🙂

  22. Hi Tiffany,

    I am trying to order for the first time and got stuck at the “shipping method ” page
    where I am only allowed “contact seller for price”

    And the “Global shipping option” is greyed out.

    Please share if you or anyone have experience on this?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Tiffany Wong on

      Hi Nick,
      Yes we have. You can either contact the seller directly for the price to ship your item or choose a parcel forwarder to ship the item for you. This is because the item is not eligible to be shipped to Singapore. Normally, we just look for another alternative or use 65daigou. 🙂

  23. Thank you for this blogpost! It’s so informative. I’ve been Taobaoing for years now and I recently started using this website called Buynosaur, they’ve been great to deal with so far. If i’d like to buy pre-ordered materials from Taobao, is it impossible for me to talk to the seller without having an agent to help me?

    • Tiffany Wong on

      Hi Ronald,
      It is possible to liaise with the sellers yourself without using an agent. It would be good if you could type and read Chinese fluently and it will help both parties to understand better. Do refer to our article if you need some help, both Part 1 and Part 2.
      Cheers! 🙂

  24. Hi Tiffany I am new to Taobao, for the “Taobao Global Direct Shipping” when I check out I saw the current charge was Rmb 40, can I say if I order many things and pay only Rmb 40 is consider cheaper than local forwarders and yet faster in shipping?

    Lastly, is there any local website that sells Taobao items at low price as well, maybe just slighter higher than Taobao sellers?

    Thank you!

    • Tiffany Wong on

      Hi Dino,
      RMB 40 is about SGD 8.40. This depends on the weight of your item. Many local forwarders have various methods of shipping your item, example by sea or air. We are unable to give you a definite answer on that but you can check this article that we wrote for more info >> 65Daigou, Peeka or Oops – Which Taobao agent has the best rates?
      No, there is not. The closest to it is probably Qoo10 🙂 Hope this helps!

  25. Hi,this is my first time using taobao and ive recently make orders from taobao from 2 different seller and i choose to consolidate the items at warehouse first. Seller A already shipped the item and it has already arrive at the warehouse. Seller B has already shipped the item yesterday (after 3 days or making order) but didnt reach the warehouse yet. So i have another 2 days to confirm receipt for seller A. So my question is, pretty sure i wont have enough time to consolidate and made it ship to me in time before i can confirm the receipt. So, do i have to extend the days to confirm receipt for seller A??, but it only give me 3 days, and it still didnt have enough time before i can receive the item. Please do assist me in this situation. Thank you.

    • Tiffany Wong on

      Hi Abby,
      I would suggest you to extend the payment countdown until you have received the item. It’ll be safer to only confirm it after you have received both items before Taobao actually releases the money to the seller. If i’m not wrong, you should be able to extend it again after the 3 days are up! Hope this helps. 🙂

  26. Hi Tiffany,
    I am trying to order a machine. One model weighs about 20kg and another about 25 kg nett. When I opted for direct shipping, the freight charge for the heavier one costa 94 yuan whereas the lighter one costs 204 yuan. Why does the heavier one cost more? Are they shipping it by sea?

    • on

      Hi Bob, thanks for writing to us! Are you ordering from the same vendor? If you are, it could be that the packaging size of the 20 kg one is much larger. So they are going by the volumetric weight of the packaging. For instance, a feather in a DHL Jumbo box will cost more to ship than a book in a polymailer bag. Hope that helps !

  27. Hi, how many days did you wait for your package to be delivered by dpex after it had left the warehouse in china?
    Is it normal for zhong tong not to update 物流 because my status has been stuck at ‘您的货物已经送往海关,待清关检验’ for three days already?
    Lastly, why can’t i check my shipment on

    • on

      Hi Eileen, thanks for writing in. It took our package 8 days to arrive after payment by Zhong Tong & DPex. Yes, its normal for them not to update. I think there are quite a lot of complaints about that online. You would have to talk to Zhong Tong and get your new tracking number to track your parcel. Once Zhong Tong ships out from China, they will be using a different provider, with a new tracking number. The easiest way to contact them is to download the Aliwangwang chat plugin, then search for the User “中通速递服务有限公司:香港集运a” which is Zhong Tong’s Customer Service Rep. You can liaise with them there. Hope that helps !

  28. Good day! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering
    if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having
    problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

    • on

      Hi XXX, no worries! I’m not too sure though – it was done by the website developer.

  29. I wanted to ship one dumb bell (for gym) use, weighting 26kg. I have two question on 淘宝直送 Taobao Global Direct Shipping:

    1) It only cost 124Yuan to ship the goods to here. Is that too good to be true? Since it is a heavy stuff?

    2) When i wanted to add the goods to my shopping cart, i need to indicate location of shipment like Beijing, guangdong, etc….so where should i select in this case?


    • on

      Hi Kenneth, I think it should be right – just make sure you select “海外” or Overseas, and make sure your Singapore address is complete. This shipping option will have no live tracking, and may take a really long time to arrive.

      I think it doesn’t make too much of a difference since you’re shipping overseas, but it looks like the Shanghai option is the cheapest. Probably, the vendor is based in Shanghai, and has automated it to calculate a cheaper price for Shanghai.

      Hope that helps !

  30. Hi Tiffany,

    I ordered 3 items and they all indicate as “【海外】arrived hub” followed by “【海外】delayed linehaul departure” and have been stuck like this for 4 days. May I know if this means my items are in singapore now? And what does delayed linehaul departure mean? Thanks!!

    • Hi Amb, sorry for the delay in reply ! It means that it has left China. Linehaul departure means there is a hold up in the delivery chain e.g. the ship, truck etc. Have you received your parcel already? Hope you have ! Good luck !

  31. If buy DVD (2 pcs) using Taobao Global Direct shipping to Singapore, will there be any problems with the customs. Any additional tax payable?

    • Hi Annie, thanks for writing in ! In general, if the value of your parcel exceeds SGD 400 (including shipping) as per your declared invoice, you would have to pay tax on that. Otherwise, if it doesn’t, there’s no additional tax payable 🙂

  32. Hello, I buy many items using Taobao Global Shipping. Now all items had arrived at warehouse but nothing happened for 2 days. What should I do?

    • Hi Steve, thanks for writing in ! It sounds like you used the Taobao Global Consolidate and Shipping service? In that case, you would need to make a second payment for international shipping. More info can be found in our Part 2 here >> .

      If you chose the Taobao Global Direct shipping, where you are not consolidating your items, then you don’t need to do anything. You can just wait for your parcel to arrive. Hope that helps !

  33. Hi Tiffany,

    I made the mistake of confirming receipt for items I wanted to return. I remembered seeing a “refund” option on alipay, but since I was on my taobao app and saw nothing of the sort, I assumed I had to confirm in order to be shown that option. Logging onto alipay, I now see I don’t have the option of requesting a refund. Can the seller do it on their end? Is there any other way to “unconfirm” receipt I suppose?

    • Hi Sherry, thanks for writing in ! Were the items defective, or was it that the wrong items were sent? I think most Taobao vendors do not offer refunds unless it is defective/ wrongly sent. If that is the case, you can contact your seller directly and ask them to do a refund. Usually they will be helpful if it’s a mistake on their part because they would want to keep their seller ratings positive.

      Unfortunately no, I don’t think there’s a way to “unconfirm” receipt once you have clicked on that. Your best option would be to liaise with the vendor, who will usually help you with refunds/exchanges if they made a mistake. Hope that helps !

  34. Wow, such a detailed step-step-step tutorial! You are right, I have contacted a lot of sellers to ask for direct overseas shipping but they tell me they do not send overseas directly. What’s the point TaoBao has that option?

  35. Hi Tiffany,
    For quite some time now, I have been using the Consolidate option.
    Recently however, I bought ONE item on Taobao, through my mobile device. During checkout, the item price (RMB 5) was added with 快递 (RMB 7). My delivery address was the correct overseas one. I assumed it automatically chose the Global Direct Shipping option for me.

    At the 物流详情 page, it says that my item has arrived at the warehouse (您的包裹已被中通集运仓正常入库). What confuses me is that there is also an instruction that tells me to proceed to consolidate and pay for overseas shipping – 您的包裹已到达集运仓,请处理并支付集运费,and then the orange button [处理集运]. I thought I have already paid for the global shipping during my first checkout? Or did I assume incorrectly in the beginning?

    Please help!

    • Hi Manda,

      Thank you for the comment. Sorry for the late reply ! We hope you’ve received your item by now.

      You may have accidentally chosen the Consolidate option, rather than the Global Direct Shipping option. If you chose the Consolidate option, you will have to make two payments – the first payment for the item to reach the warehouse, and the second payment to ship the consolidated parcel to Singapore from their warehouse.

      So in this case you would have to make a second payment for your item to reach you. Hope you’ve gotten your item by now and it all worked out, Manda !

  36. The tutorials are useful. I tried to register on Alipay many times but failed due to the bank account, I have no idea but apply Taobao agents. Fortunately I applied a Visa card now I can shopping via taobao tutorial step by step.

    • Hi Alex, good to hear that you’ve sorted it out now. Thanks for writing in, and happy shopping !

  37. Hi,
    Would like to check with you if i were to ship in liquid stuff can taobao dirct shipping ship liquid stuff?
    If they csnt which forwardes can i choose?

    • Hi Hazel, I think in general, if the item is lightweight enough, the Taobao vendors will say yes to shipping the item out to you without being too concerned whether you’ll run into any problems with the shipment later on (e.g. oversized items etc).

      So even if the Taobao vendors say yes, I think you may encounter some problems because liquids might not be accepted by Singapore customs, and your item may/may not get confiscated by customs if they happen to check your parcel. VPost has a good summary of what items are not permitted by Singapore customs:

      Ok hope that helps, and good luck ! Thanks for writing in !

  38. Hi I’ve placed an order, but I haven’t received any information at all from the seller, I am ordering from the UK, so not sure if I did everything correctly, I didn’t set up any shipping method with the seller either

  39. Hmmm, my item is stuck at “商家正通知物流公司揽件”. I bought it on 23rd Sept. Let’s hope it ships soon.

    • Hi Jasmine, we’re sorry for the delay in reply and hope you’ve received your parcel! Your parcel should be in Singapore if “【海外】arrived hub” has been indicated. We can’t give a fixed estimate of how long it will be delayed for all times, but it may take to about a week or longer during holiday seasons or sale periods. Hope this helps!

  40. Hi, I chose direct shipping for the items that I bought on 11/11. No sign of the items till now :(…
    Do you know how I can contact taobao to check on the shipment?
    I have items from around 15 sellers. Half of the items the status shown as linehaul delay. The other half is still at warehouse.
    Very depressing

    • Hi Elena, we’re so sorry for the late reply and hope you’ve resolved your issue! For those interested, linehaul delays indicate a hold up in the delivery chain e.g. the ship, trunk, etc. You can check the shipment updates and delivery status in the “Purchased Items” page. Hope this helps!

  41. Hi just want to ask, If my status say arrived hub for about 4 days, do I need to contact the courier service?

    • Hi Xinyi, sorry for the delay !

      Yes, you could contact them if you’re worried. Your tracking number may have changed after arriving at China’s warehouse. We experienced this with ours. You can try to contact the local courier company through phone calls or Aliwangwang to receive your new parcel tracking number.

      How did it go with your parcels in the end? Hope you received them !

  42. Hi! Thanks for your tips! I hope to clarify my confusion. The forwarding rate to Malaysia by 4px is RMB 35. Is it RMB35/kg?

    • Hi Ginny,

      Yes it’s RMB 35 for the 1st kg, and RMB 14 for the subsequent 0.5kg. So for instance, if you have a 2 kg item, it would cost RMB 35 (1st kg) + RMB 14 (subsequent 0.5kg) + RMB 14 (next 0.5 kg)= Total RMB 63 .

      Hope that helps !