Generally, if you’re looking for an ice cream maker that is priced below SGD 100, the ice cream makers available for purchase would not come with a built-in compressor. Instead they use either a Freezer bowl or a Rock salt & ice method (the traditional way), to produce ice cream.

To read up more about compressors, rock salt & ice, and freezer bowl type ice cream makers, you can read our post here on How to choose a good Ice Cream Maker >>

Hence, as we are focusing on mainly ice cream makers that are below $100, we’ve divided our Top Ice cream Maker picks here to: A. Freezer bowl   or    B. Rock salt & ice option.


1. Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, White    

Cuisinart Ice-21 ice cream maker


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Price: USD 59.94 (SGD 60.26). Ships to Singapore.

Pros: This model is one of the top best-selling ice cream makers on Amazon. An upgrade on the Cuisinart Ice-20, it’s one of the best performing ice cream makers that gets the temperature down quickly enough so that less ice crystals are formed, and the ice cream is smoother and creamier.

It’s one of the best options for churning out an ice cream that is professionally made or the most like a “premium” ice cream.

It’s relatively more quiet than other ice cream makers, but do bear in mind that all ice-cream makers generate a bit of noise during the ice-cream maker process.

Cons: There has been feedback that it’s quite hard to scoop out this ice cream from the canister/freezer bowl in order to harden it up further in the freezer. Use a wooden/ rubber/silicon spoon to scoop it out (not a metal spoon as it will scratch the machine).


Price check: –  SGD 60.26  | –  SGD 159.00  | –  SGD 148.88  | –  SGD 159.00.  Check latest price at now >>




2. VonShef Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet Maker Machine 1-1/4-Quart

VonShef Ice Cream Maker

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Price: USD 35.99 (SGD 49.29). Ships to Singapore

Pros: At below S$50, this model is quite affordably-priced, where you could snap one up for yourself without feeling too guilty about splurging, and it makes for a unique and interesting present for a friend too.

It makes up to 1.25 quarts of ice cream, and was voted by Great British Food Magazine as one of their Top Five Ice Cream Makers on the market.

Cons: According to reviews on Amazon, it’s rather noisy, the motor is relatively weak, and the paddle does not scrape and mix as thoroughly as other models.

However, the drawbacks might be overlooked with its more affordable price tag. Overall, this machine still gets relatively good reviews on Amazon.

Price check:  –  SGD 42.44   |  –  SGD 92.73   . Check latest price on here >>




3. Donvier Manual Ice Cream Maker, 1-Quart, White

Donvier ice cream maker


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Price: USD 56.43 (SGD 77.38). Does not ship directly to Singapore. You can use parcel forwarding companies to ship to Singapore.

This is an ice cream maker that combines the old with the new – using a freezer bowl for the freezing process, but yet is churned using a manual hand crank. With this model, you would need to crank every 2 minutes for 20 minutes.

Pros: A big plus point for some folks is that this model is really quiet – as it doesn’t utilize a motor.

It also doesn’t use electricity and has no power cord – so not only is that energy-saving, you could also bring this ice cream maker anywhere in the house eg in front of the TV, or to the balcony etc, and make your ice cream anywhere.

As it doesn’t use a motor, the probability of this machine spoiling is rather low, as freezer bowls are quite durable. This is a sturdy little machine that can last you through many years.

Cons: You would need to manually crank this ice cream maker every 2 minutes for 20 minutes. Hence, this option is not for the person who cannot be bothered, may forget or is too busy to do so. Instead it’s for the eco-friendly person who would like to save energy, and make ice cream the “old school” way.

Price check:  –  SGD 76.35   |   –   SGD 99.90   .  Check the latest price at here >>



4. Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400BLUE 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker

Nostalgia blue

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Price: USD 40.09 (SGD 54.80). Does not directly ship to Singapore. Parcel forwarding companies can be used to ship this item to Singapore.

Pros: Compared to other bucket ice cream makers, this one uses a plastic bucket which takes away the “rust” issue. Some other bucket ice cream makers with a “rustic” wooden design have metal bands holding the bucket together, causing for it to rust at times. This model uses a plastic bucket and hence avoids that problem.

Secondly, this machine also makes a very big quantity of ice cream – up to 4 quarts of ice cream.

At the affordable price of USD 40.09, this is one of the lower-priced ice cream makers around $40 with the best reviews on Amazon.

Cons: Being a Ice & Rock salt model, you would need to make sure to get the ratio of ice and rock salt correct for the machine to work.

Secondly, it also has no On/off switch button – you would just plug it in for it to work straightaway, hence do be careful that your ice cream and mixture is safely intact, before plugging in the cord.

Price check:  – SGD 54.36 . Check the latest price at here >>



5. Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400WD Old Fashioned Ice Cream Maker, 4-Quart, Brown

ICMP 400WD ice cream maker


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Price: USD 50.29 (SGD 71.10) . Ships to Singapore.

Pros:  A nostalgic throwback to the olden-day ice cream maker, it’s beautiful and rustic, with a wooden bucket and a matching beige motor head to churn the ice cream maker. It would look lovely as a unique, decorative piece on your counter top or as a conversation piece for when guests visit.

It produces up to 4 quarts of ice cream, which is quite a sizeable amount.

Additionally, the bucket has a plastic insert so that it doesn’t leak and is easier for it to be cleaned and stored.

The ice cream texture made by this model is also said to be firm and creamy.

Cons: There is no markings in the plastic insert, making it hard to gauge how much ice cream mixture to pour in. The general rule of thumb would be around 3/4 of the plastic insert at max, as ice cream will expand as it freezes, and the freezing will not happen properly if there is not enough space in the canister.

Price check:  –  SGD 71.10 .  Check latest price at here >>


6. Hamilton Beach 68330N 4-Quart Automatic Ice-Cream Maker,Cream

Hamilton Beach 68330N ice cream maker


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Price: USD 29.99 (SGD 42.24). Ships to Singapore.

Pros: At USD 29.99, this ice cream make is VERY affordable and can make for a great, unique gift for a friend. It produces up to 4 quarts and churns out relatively good ice cream for that price.

Cons: Although most units work well, the reviews on Amazon seem to indicate that the motor might be more prone to breaking down after a while compared to other ice cream makers. Secondly, the motor is said to be slightly more noisy than other ice cream makers.

Overall, the price makes up for this risky aspect, and in general, customers seem to quite happy with the unit after factoring in the price.

Price check:  –  SGD 48  . Check the latest price at here >>


7. Yaylabs Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker

YayLabs Ball Ice Cream Maker

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Price: USD 41.99 (SGD 57.53). Ships to Singapore.

Pros: This is a fun activity to keep the kids occupied while you’re out camping, or on a picnic or beach. It burns off energy for a rewarding experience – ice cream !

It’s relatively affordable too at USD 41.99. Being a simple ice cream maker without a motor, there’s also lower probability of this ice cream maker spoiling.

Cons: The outer plastic casing is very hard, and with the ice cream mix and ice in the ball, it can be quite heavy too. Hence, the ball can actually be quite painful if kicked, or if it lands on your legs, and as a result the kids may tire of it quite quickly (depending on your kid, and the number of kids playing).

However, you can buy a soft shell cover for this ball to make it less painful (click here >>)

Next, according to Amazon reviews, it actually can be quite hard to scrape and mix the ice cream mixture in the ball due to the size of the canister.

Thirdly, ice cubes from your standard ice cube tray will not fit into the ball. You would either have to melt it a little, or smash the ice a little so that fits into the plastic casing.

Hence, there are more than a few cons to this product. However, the overall ratings seem to be a positive one if you buy it for the entertainment/novelty value, especially since its priced not too steeply at USD $40.

Price check:  – SGD 36.85  |  – SGD 89.71  . Check latest price at here >>


Here concludes our top 7 picks for Ice Cream Makers under SGD $100. We hope you found our article useful.

To find out more about what makes a good ice cream maker, and whether a Freezer Bowl or a Rock salt & Ice option better suits your ice cream making needs, read our post here on How to choose a Good Ice-cream maker >>


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