For shopping sites that don’t ship directly to Singapore, parcel forwarding companies are a blessed boon that overcomes this inconvenient shopping barrier.

Most overseas shopping sites offer free shipping within their country. Hence, these parcel forwarding companies will helpfully provide you with the “overseas” address for your parcels to be sent to. Next, they will consolidate all your packages you’ve purchased from different shopping sites, and then forward it altogether to you in Singapore.

However, there are quite a few parcel forwarding companies to choose from in the market. Which parcel forwarding company should you choose? And more importantly, what points should you compare prices on?

Here are the top 3 aspects that you should price compare on:

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1. Consolidation – this refers to the service of compiling all your parcels together into a single shipment to be sent to you.We recommend for you to do this as this will save you a lot on shipping charges.

Most parcel forwarding companies charge a base rate per shipment, followed by additional charges based on weight. Hence, it would make sense to consolidate your shipments so that pay the base rate only once.

Not all companies offer this useful service for free. Some will charge you a fixed fee for every package that you wish to consolidate.

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2. Storage – If you’re shopping from different shopping sites, you will need to factor in time for the different arrival times of the packages, or to factor in extra days for you to be able to finish purchasing from different websites.

Sometimes parcels can be delayed in reaching your “overseas” address. The more storage-free days the companies offer, the more you can be assured that you won’t be charged any additional fees for storage.

After the storage-free days, companies will usually start charging a certain fee per day.

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3. Repacking – shipping costs is based on either dimensional weight or actual weight, whichever is higher.

Dimensional weight refers to the packaging size of the item. An item might be very light but if it’s packed in a big box, it might have a very high shipping charge.

Usually the repacking service does not come free of charge. The companies will advise you whether it’s worthwhile to repack the item. If you do not save much, the repacking fee might actually cost more than the cost savings.

To sum up, a parcel forwarding company may offer free services for all of the above, or charge you additional fees on a daily basis.

It all adds up and makes quite a difference.

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  1. Gregory Willard on

    I never knew that you should consider storage when it came to parcel forwarding. I have a friend that orders things online that uses these types of methods all the time. I will have to remember that if I ever have to shop online. Thanks for the information.