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cheapest place to get sunnto watch singapore

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The Suunto watch is definitely not a watch designed for the fashionista or fashion-forward crowd – which is exactly its intended objective. This innovative watch has already found a loyal following worldwide as a result of its focus and dedication to its niche offering – developing the best features for an outdoorsy active lifestyle customer segment.

Customers can track their exercise routine, heart rate, pace – be it swimming, running, cycling, diving and so on.

With close attention paid to its niche segment’s needs, Suunto has inspired rave reviews by customers who feel like their active lifestyle needs are met.

So much so, it’s inspired similar fan photos, as a off-shoot of the official Suunto watch adverts which features simply the Suunto watch against a beautiful scenery, such as these ones below:

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cheapest place to get sunnto watch singapore

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The only downside? The high price tag for such a niche specialized watch.

But don’t worry this is where pingNshop steps in for you to get a quick price scan of where you should start shopping.

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Here you can see that for this Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Watch Black watch, it is actually cheaper if you purchase from Amazon.


cheapest place to get Sunnto watch Singapore



Here we can see that Amazon costs about SGD 398.25 while Rakuten is around SGD 503.82, which is about a total of SGD 105 in savings !


How to estimate Suunto watch shipping cost on Amazon

To estimate the shipping costs on Amazon quickly and easily for your Suunto watch, first register for an Amazon account and set your address to a Singapore address.

Once you’ve signed in and set your address to a Singapore address, Amazon will be able to show you whether this particular item can be shipped to Singapore or not.


cheapest place to get Sunnto Watch



Here you can see, that this Suunto does NOT ship to Singapore.

How to ship your Suunto watch from Amazon using a Parcel Forwarding company

Not to fret. You can use parcel forwarding companies such as Comgateway, Vpost, Borderlinx and more to forward your parcels to Singapore.

For the purposes of this post, we will work out an example using parcel forwarding company 65daigou to illustrate the process for you.

65daigou charges a straightforward rate of SGD 4.50 for every 500g to ship from USA, with no minimum base rate and no fuel surcharge.

To estimate your shipping charges using 65daigou, first look for the shipping weight for the Suunto watch product, by scrolling down to the Product Description section.

cheapest place to buy Sunnto watch Singapore

Here you can see there are 2 weights listed: 10.1 ounces and 10.1 ounces. A product may have two different weight listed there which may refer to the “Dimensional Weight” (see our page here for more explanation) or its Actual Weight. Shipping charges are always based on the higher weight – be it dimensional or actual weight.

Here for this Suunto Ambit3 watch, the dimensional weight is the same as the actual weight. Hence, it’s a straightforward 10.1 ounces shipping weight for this watch, which translates to 286.33 gram.

You’d have to round it up to the nearest 500g, and hence the weight chargeable for this watch is 500g. in 65daigou terms, your shipping rates is only SGD 4.50.

Hence, your total costs for shipping this watch from Amazon to Singapore via 65daigou is SGD 4.50 shipping cost + SGD 398.25 i.e. SGD 402.75.  That is still a savings of SGD 101 from the next best price of SGD 503.82 on However, do bear in mind, that by using 65daigou, you should expect a longer shipping arrival time – as the Suunto watch first needs to be shipped to 65daigou’s USA warehouse, before being shipped to you in Singapore.

To compare prices between the different parcel forwarding companies, do check out our article here.

To check out our price comparison catalogues for Suunto watch, do click here >>

Happy shopping ! 🙂


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