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Daniel Wellington is a relatively new brand with its creation dating to just 2011. Despite its young history, the Swedish brand has already garnered an impressive following worldwide for its classy designs and versatile, interchangeable straps.

With its high popularity, these Daniel Wellington watches can be found quite easily in Singapore – be it offline retail shops such as Tangs or online retail marketplaces such as Zalora and Lazada.

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[Photo credit: danielwellington.com]

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 [Photo credit: danielwellington.com]

However, despite the ease of purchase, there’s one other great marketplace that you could possibly get an even better price on – Amazon.

Although some of these Daniel Wellington designs may not be able to be shipped directly from USA, parcel forwarding services such as Vpost, Comgateway and 65Daigou can now help you overcome this problem by forwarding the parcels to you in Singapore.

For instance, let’s take a look at pingNshop’s price comparison for this Daniel Wellington Classic Cambridge Watch:


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Here we can see that Amazon costs about SGD 117.62 while Lazada is around SGD 259, which is about a total of SGD 141 in savings !

How to estimate Daniel Wellington shipping cost on Amazon

To estimate the shipping costs on Amazon quickly and easily for your Daniel Wellington watch, first register for an Amazon account and set your address to a Singapore address.

After adding the product to your shopping cart, you can then click on the “Cart” icon at the top right corner of the Amazon page to view your cart. Next, at the “Cart” page, do make sure to click on “Estimate your shipping and tax” to be able to see the shipping charges to Singapore straightaway. Otherwise, the shipping costs won’t appear until you are at the Credit Card detail page.


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So you can see, even with adding up the shipping costs to Singapore – the total is just USD 118.79 or SGD 159.56, which gives you a price saving of around SGD 100 compared to purchasing from Lazada.sg.

How to ship Daniel Wellington from Amazon using 65 Daigou

You can get an even cheaper rate for shipping if the vendor on Amazon you’re buying from offers free domestic shipping within the USA. In that scenario, you can use the 65daigou.com, a parcel forwarding service, to receive the parcel on your behalf in their USA warehouse, and ship it to you to Singapore.

65daigou charges a straightforward rate of SGD 4.50 for every 500g to ship from USA, with no minimum base rate and no fuel surcharge.

To estimate your shipping charges using 65daigou, first look for the shipping weight for the Daniel wellington product, by scrolling down to the Product Description section.

how to find shipping weight for Amazon products

Here you can see there are 2 weights listed: 1.4 ounces and 5 ounces. A product may have two different weight listed there which may refer to the “Dimensional Weight” (see our page here for more explanation) or its Actual Weight. Shipping charges are always based on the higher weight – be it dimensional or actual weight.

Here for this Cambridge watch, 5 ounces converts to about 0.14kg.

You’d have to round it up to the nearest 500g, and hence the weight chargeable for this watch is 500g. in 65daigou terms, your shipping rates is only SGD 4.50.

Hence, you save about SGD 4.50 on shipping costs by shipping through 65daigou rather than shipping directly from Amazon. However, do bear in mind, that by using 65daigou, you should expect a longer shipping arrival time – as the Daniel Wellington watch first needs to be shipped to 65daigou’s USA warehouse, before being shipped to you in Singapore.

To compare prices between the different parcel forwarding companies, do check out our article here.

To check out our price comparison catalogues for Daniel Wellington, do click here >>

Happy shopping ! 🙂


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